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According to the good people of Fark, your opinion on burrito contents is an outlier. Not you personally, just what I've gleaned over 3 threads. ;)

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@kdfrawg Indeed, and now Hamza Bin Laden is fronting an Al Qaeda intent in mopping up those discontent with Islamic State's methods.

The best bit, if no-one in the remaining world can agree what to call IS, what hope is there for agreement on coherent strategies to end the mess, the deaths, the spread of it all?

The bit that depresses me the most, 'only' 1.8% of the 207,000 civilian deaths in Syria since 2011 have need at the hands of IS. Surely that's a mistake by the rest of the world, allowing it to continue? But other countries' inhabitants lives are of course meaningless to most here, when weighed against the Manchester 22.