Please stop blue-shifting those posts, oh my eyes! :)

Thanks. Great to have such quick feedback. :)

Well this is odd. I've been writing a continuation of, a followup to, the #WednesdayChallenge ADN science fiction posts started by and continued by us both.

It passed 7,000 words today and I'm just getting started. This probably means there are way too many words but I'm going with it. Don't get me wrong, it'll never get published, it's my first non-technical writing in 35 years, I'm certain it won't be marketable.

Here's whilst I'm posting today. I started off with Scrivener (iOS) and within a few days felt the need to buy Ulysses (iOS) for its Markdown formatting, but… I've a silly question:

Saving as plain text or Markdown or HTML just doesn't feel right; it's a book. How common are PDF and ePub formats for showing others 'the story so far'?? Should I just save as both and hope for the best? :)

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Well, her thoughts about not writing one day recently prompted me to start!

Thanks. :) It'll never get published, not in the conventional sense; it won't be good enough. :D

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Being most of the above and a bit weird too hasn't stopped me either. More!

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@kdfrawg I might try one or two, I'm in the doghouse at the moment, can't risk her suffering a total humour bypass however much I may want to have fun.