Would it be fair to say monetisation, advert placement, is probably the key there rather than what users want?

Maybe I'm more rigid in my approach to social media than many though? I much prefer a chronological timeline to one chosen for me by an algorithm that simply cannot learn from my likes because I rarely use the specific network, and delete search histories once they're no longer useful.

The timeline monopolisation comment is valid, but I don't mind seeing a grouping of posts - provided all 873 holiday photos are contained in an album. ;)

@kdfrawg Irish Sea shanties‽ I shall queue those up for my wife! ?

Good question. The socks are holey, the music though: I must get back in my wife's good books yet again. I might need to delete my saved streaming preferences for punk (the girls might hear the sweary words), 80s bands, etc., etc., and search as-required. A small price to pay.
// @kdfrawg

I've had the Prime music & movies streaming service for a while, but resisted the lure of spending more on that monthly subscription. You know what, it's only money, right? I shall live beyond1 my means for a while, see how it goes.
// @kdfrawg

  1. Further beyond. :}

@kdfrawg Hi Michael. I've heard of (or AFAIK listened to) practically none of the musicians you've been referring to (a reflection on my eclectic but definitely insular tastes.) You know what though, the fact you're still enthused by the breadth & depth of Amazon Prime's Music is great. I'm tempted to jump in too, at least if there's a trial period; I've a lot of gaps. :)

Oops, really sorry. PDFs are rubbish these days, don't really seem to have achieved the original ideal of cross-platform compatibility. The Markdown one isn't 100% correctly formatted, I simply exported from an iOS app. :(

Weird. Something to get one's teeth into is always rewarding. I've been told. ;)


Sometimes the simplest faults are the hardest to fix. I've been told.

"Beat that… ?"

I shall beat that with the draft outline of something completely different:


Vanessa, run away! :D

#QuoteSunday - almost on a Monday

'Captain Hadron screamed into the comm: "GET THOSE BLOCKERS UP!"'

, on a network far, far away


Do any of you have a Nintendo Switch? Can it be played out of the box - say downloadable free games - instead of spending more right away? (I'm trying to minimise the initial outlay IF I buy one today.)