Well… I wonder what happens if I do:\nthis.

Did you set it up yet? (I chickened out, and use elitebnc.org to do the heavy lifting).

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Ignore that, I'm not on IRC now!

@kdfrawg /me nods So am I, so am I.

We have 4 mixer taps: kitchen, bath and handbasin and (pauses for effect) the enn-suet. ;)
// @kdfrawg

We have two taps* in the rooms we've not spent much money refurbishing in this ancient abode, that is true. ;)

And now you've got me thinking of peculiar chalk manifolds, impractical as it sounds. :}

Oi! :D Fridges yes, freezers, no. I had one before I moved in with my wife-to-be, it was great. However the new kitchen had to have integrated appliances sourced from one company (to guarantee we could fit it all together) and that was that.