I've been asleep, honest! Knowing there would be a solution to my Raspberry Pi automation woes I started to search around 2am.

Google and are pretty handy at this time of night; 'rvm installation not working: "RVM is not a function".

It turns out that all I needed to obviate my need to run the scripts in a login shell was to copy the second line of code from ~/.bash_profile to ~/.bashrc.

Thankyou Haris Krajina!

No, I'm not going to wait up.


Apologies for my absence from everywhere social for the last week. I haz bean programin stuf!!!2!¡

The 2 shell scripts to take my GitHub blog repo and throw it up at my Web host now work. Automagically. I'm amazed!

Next step: think of something to write, post it at GitHub, and see if I'm full of hot air or not.

Currently the most recent post at is 'Engineer', which is preceded by 'Nerdity'.

Midnight UK time should prove something - this post should be up round about that time.


A small number of us wear similar sweaters for work - similar in that they're self-coloured and pleasantly form-fitting. Ok, in my case it's because they've shrunk in the wash… (but that's the subject of a previous, uncomfortable-for-me, blog entry here.)

Yesterday a slightly awkward exchange occurred at the coffee machine, one which I felt an urge to follow up by email. I'd had a brilliant idea - a Eureka moment (but without the nudity and attendant spillages.) Here's the brief exchange:

"As an engineer I’m bound by a code of professional conduct to suggest a solution to the jumper hue issue; a daily palette based on the colours of the rainbow. In ascending frequency order, and by day.
> Unfortunately though, my purple one today falls outside the rigid boundaries of the, it must be said, unfortunately limited scheme. Your flagrant Thursday jumper today merits a red card I’m afraid, though I’m sure you could carry the visible spectrum off better than I were you to try harder.
> I’d better start work on version 2.0.
> Baz."

The reply came a little later. I'd honestly not expected one.

"Hi Barrie,
> Thank you so much for your email. Well, what can I say? I’m disappointed with myself that I have got off to a bad start on the first day of the week, but I do feel that I need to correct you on something. Your jumper hue is not purple. I do believe it’s a wine/beetroot shade, but definitely not purple.
> Whilst I appreciate and do accept the card, I can’t accept a red one. Red is just not my colour. I don’t do red and that’s that. Red is not good for us gingers, I’m afraid and as I am too bound by a professional code of conduct as a ginger, you will simply have to come up with another colour.
> I eagerly await your palette…
> Have a nice day,"

Me, speechless, though not apoplectically-so:

"\Baz stills sense of outrage, stands^H^H^H^H^H^H sits corrected, starts work on v2.0.1\"

The conciliatory response came an agonising-for-me 50 minutes later:

"I must say that the beetroot/wine colour does suit you though. A warm colour for these Wintery times. I would even go as far to say that it’s perhaps a burgundy. There’s not many who can carry such a shade off."

Awesome. And, with that, order in my universe was restored.

Which was nice.


Another short one today; it's been a 'nothing' weekend outside my ongoing Raspberry Pi playtime.

Here's a repeat link to what I wanted to do with it, what I've done, and what I've actually accomplished so far - which is actually now 2/3 of the total.

My Raspberry Pi Setup - at

So, what else have I accomplished?

  • Walked Ruby dog,
  • Helped with the girls' homework,
  • Bought a pair of walking shoes to replace those that Ruby chomped,
  • Washed, dried, put away clothes,
  • Changed the cat litter,
  • Been shown a paint colour chart; my wife's chosen a new colour for the hallway…

In-short, underperformed.


A short one today. My nearly-week-old Raspberry Pi is now behaving, more-or-less.\* Here's a link to what I wanted to do, what I've done, and what I've actually accomplished so far.

My Raspberry Pi Setup - at

It's not overly-technical, nor is it particularly helpful or comprehensive. The plan is to expand a bit, make it more readable.

There are spelling errors sprinkled throughout, and it's an early draft.

\*After 4 complete resets to factory settings I'd be silly to admit I've not learned a damn thing about Linux.


Summary: Meh.

Detail: Feeling crap, like death warmed up.

I was going to write a long piece about how my recent blog posts weren't necessarily a true reflection of self. The only stuff I've mentioned recently is negative, judgmental or at least ambivalent towards 'things.'

I lead a charmed life though, I'm lucky I'm in a position to be able to moan about first-world problems.

Anyone reading will tire of me mentioning the Raspberry Pi computer. Yesterday's enforced break from playing with it brought with it a welcome pause; the first day since I bought the thing that I haven't felt the need to reset it due to my misplaced enthusiasm for moving forward.

We'll see.

Sideways seems a fair direction to head in, for now.

I had a bit of a play this afteroon, between sitting on [redacted] and made progress; as can build and serve to my computer, can FTP to my web server and have it served from there.

I found a bug in the Jekyll static site generator though; or at least the one on my system. The most recent post 'No' fails to display its title when rendered locally. Renaming it to 'Nope' works but I'd like to Zzzz…


Another summary post, this of a wasted day:


The lady who was supposed to visit my oldest daughter today didn't show up on time. Giving her the benefit of the doubt, I rang 1-1/4 hours after the scheduled start time.

"Oh, she's been off sick for a week-and-a-half, can you give me your daughter's name please?"

I did so.

"I'm just looking at her diary, it seems we missed you."

I then launched into a rant: 'I took the day off, my wife's stayed awake after her night shift, you've got a disappointed little girl here; tell the manager we're yet again dissatisfied by your lack of organisation…'


A local tradesman tasked with a simple home visit 'around teatime', to fit his schedule, to quote us for 2 new radiators failed to show or call or text.


(The dog this time!)

She's chewed her second pair of my Gore-Tex walking shoes. The girls leave the shoe cupboard door open, have no concept of…

My wife seems to think the total destruction of one side of the heel padding is fixable. I'll hover a finger over the Amazon 'buy again' button.


(Yeah, computer stuff.)

Another day, another Raspberry Pi reset; the fourth in 4 days. Rather than do what I wanted to with the computer, it's perhaps a good time to re-evaluate my single purpose; blogging support.

It would gave been sustainable, there's enough scope in setting up a web site to fiddle with, fine-tune, break and fix. But problems with Ruby (computer program dependencies) are getting tiresome. Next step though: check out 's 'strings (1)' comment.

Luckily the Raspberry Pi community has a huge amount of imagination and skill, for example Jonathan Duerig's (@duerig's) book scanner.


I went shopping on my own while my wife slept and the girls watched streaming films. I didn't miss much either. The best thing to happen all day.


What idiot would design a nurses uniform to make it more stylish, form-fitting, and ignore the fact that 2 separate machine temperature cycles are required to wash it effectively‽

Honestly, the rank stupidity of those in charge of big organisations never fails to surprise me.

How difficult can it be to choose one material that's hard-wearing, washes in one load? Like the scrubs my wife used to get.

Maybe there's a metaphor screaming to be let out here.


Ruby, I could tear my hair out!!

It's probably not what you think; Ruby dog's fine, it's the computer Ruby I'm just about to rant about.

When I last used Linux the main stumbling block was Ruby - or the version manager incompatibilities with what I needed to do. It's no different this time around with the Raspberry Pi.

The credit-card-sized computer comes with Ruby 1.8. The stuff I want to use requires at least 1.9.3 (I think), so I opted to install 2.0.0. No matter what I did, when I've set it all up and it reports 2.0.0 and I try to install Jekyll, Jekyll reports that listen requires at least 1.9.3.

But, but…

So I reset the bloody thing for a second consecutive night and I'm off to bed!

Maybe the Raspbian Debian thing isn't up to the task and I need something with a little more 'oomph!'

At this point I'll take suggestions from anyone!

Next steps:

  1. Get rid of Ruby 1.8 completely,
  2. Reinstall RVM and Ruby 2.0.0.
  3. Install Jekyll!!
  4. Install sqlite3 prior to
  5. Gogs - a Git repo manager.

Not a big list is it.

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi update. Firstly, and finally, I bought one! The day before Valentine's Day; the trembling anticipation of using 'Amazon Prime Now' proved too strong to resist. The delivery arrived 1-1/2 hours after my finger left the 'Buy Now' button!

Dont worry, my wife got the card and a single red rose!

Back to techy stuff:

Yesterday I:

  • Installed the GitLab software. Badly.
  • Installed Ruby & support for Ruby gems.
  • Installed the Jekyll static website & blog generator.
  • Installed Glynn, a Ruby gem that copies the site to a remote ftp location.

I say I installed GitLab badly; I failed to setup the program's ability to email activation links to new users. The next step was going to be fix that and progress to setting up the authorisation keys necessary to clone my online git repositories…

I let enthusiasm cloud my judgment.

I, again badly, uninstalled GitLab, and tried every other GUI git program installer.

Ruby, the key to everything I need, wasn't playing along with the new stuff I wanted to install. I'd started with RVM but got rid of that and threw RBENV on instead (remembering the hardship I faced trying to get ayadn_shell to run.)

(time passed…)

To cut a long story short, it's a good thing I'm running the Raspbian Debian Linux installed by something called NOOBS; it has a quick & easy reset to factory settings option on reboot. So I used it.

Wiped, restarted, re-entered new password and computer name; compy386 - to replace my previous laptop, a machine named lappy486. (It's pointless going with a strict chronology at a time like this!)